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Bif Naked

Station on Jasper
Edmonton, Alberta

 November 9, 2018
by Janice Stobie-Rushton

Once again, Bif Naked proved that she is a fighter.  This time she endured freezing rain, snow, and treacherous road conditions as she traveled from Calgary for the show at the Station on Jasper on Friday night.

Bif  Naked is finishing up her tour in northern Alberta before she heads back into the studio in December to record another album.   The kick-ass punk rock skater queen says she has only 15 days to complete her new album, and I have no doubt that this intensely focused professional will get it done.  After listening to  her new single "Heavy", I have no doubt the album will be exceptional.

Meeting her in person,  I discovered that underneath her bad-ass image lies a genuine humanitarian soul.  She is passionate about causes such as Paws for Hope and the SPCA and also praises nurses for their care and compassion.  

On stage, she shared many stories about her upbringing and relationships, which influenced her songwriting.  She found humour in many situations and shared them with us, such as the time she tried to shock her mother with her sudden engagement (and was almost daring her to try to stop her).  She also tried tormenting her dad with the song "Daddy’s Getting Married".  She struggled early on, and was sometimes homeless and often without hope.  With the song "Lucky", she paid tribute to the one person who took a chance on two runaways, and whom she credits with saving her life.

Bif Naked lovingly shared the stage with her husband, Snake, and often teased him as she shared some funny road stories with us.   She shared many other stories as she introduced the songs as well.  She was laughing as she suggested any problem could be solved by buying a new pair of shoes as she began singing "Tango Shoes".  After she expressed her appreciation of our beautiful Northern lights, along with a deep desire to be abducted by aliens, she launched into the hit "Spaceman", which delighted her fans.

The capacity crowd sang along to all the favourites, and often screamed the first line as the intro started.  As she continued with the anthem "I Love Myself Today", she reminded us to always love and take care of ourselves.  She said her mom gave her a gift for her 30th birthday - the secret of life.  After she complained that she didn’t feel any differently at 30 than she did at 25, her mom wisely replied, "Try being 75!"

After watching this show and feeling her energy on stage, it’s easy to believe she is still that 25 year old at heart.  She left us eager for her next show.  Come back soon!

Photos by Forges Photography