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Rockfest Edmonton 

Edmonton, Alberta

The 8th annual Rockfest, where there’s smoke there’s fire! Haze covered Edmonton Friday night but that didn’t stop Saga and Don Felder from setting hearts a blaze. Hard to believe it was Saga’s finale in North America, they truly gave it their all, amazing set. The crowd was singing along to every tune Don Felder belted out and was on their feet the entire show. After a quenching rain, Saturday dawned with clearer skies and the crowds started the day with Rockzilla and Gord Steinke and the Big Stein band. Local news anchor Gord Steinke surprised fans with guest performer Rusty Reed much to everyone’s delight. Rock Queen Holly Woods and Toronto blew us away with her power vocals standing the test of time. Sneaking on stage with accompanying tambourine, Helix lead vocals Brian Vollmer gave us some giggles as he played around with the band to close out their set. The volume was turned to 12 for veteran rockers Helix, proved without a doubt that they can still R.O.C.K! Reminding everyone why we were there, the C.A.M. Kids put on clinic showing us that classic rock will never die, performing their original music. The Center of Arts & Music aims to mentor the next generation of musicians, teaching performance, songwriting, editing, production and so much more! These kids rocked! Honeymoon Suite took to the stage and commanded everyone’s attention getting the crowd on its feet, singing along to all their favourites. Glass Tiger thundered on stage then tugged at your heart strings sneaking in tributes to Gord Downie and David Bowie among their hits. As the sun sets, Los Lobos takes the stage. Looking at the stage setup, you see everything from an accordion, mandolin and sax to Maracas. The theme to Rockfest this year was 1st time appearances, hopefully we will see these bands back many times.

Janice-Stobie Rushton  -  Freelance Contributor 

JPSR Photography


Dogpatch Music Festival

Loon Lake Saskatchewan

August 10 - 12  2018

The Dog Patch Music Festival is located west of Loon Lake, Saskatchewan. This year featured artists such as Valdy, Whale and the Wolf, 100th Meridian (tribute to the Tragically Hip) and many more. A stress free environment where you can unwind and just relax. Below is a video that highlights the event.

Pics from Dogpatch