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 By Janice Stobie-Rushton

The Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton hosted their annual Rockfest this weekend despite the weather, it was still a fantastic weekend to Rock. This fundraiser is in support of a wonderful program through the Center of Arts and Music which teaches children to  read, write and perform music, who would  otherwise be unable to.  

Friday night started off with a bang with local band RadioActive. Next up, The Odds entertained the crowd with hit after hit and surprised everyone by inviting Sloan member Chris Murphy to sing hit Eat My Brain.   Sloan closed the show and kept the crowd on its feet as they were screaming for more.    

Saturday gave us some sunshine as One Nite Stan started off day two. A surprise new favourite Dextress wowed us with high flying jumps and the ability to coax food from fans as they ran through the crowds while never missing a beat, Incredible performance!  

Darby Mills gave everyone a thrill as she sang her hits and treated everyone to renditions of many of her favourite songs such as Natural Woman and Hair of the Dog.

Wide Mouth Mason pounded out all of the fans favourites from the early years through to their 2011 release No Bad Days.  

Flashback 30+ years to 1988 when I’m an Adult Now was released, The Pursuit of Happiness took us through all the hits like She’s So Young and Hard to Laugh, in their high energy and well received set.  

One of the most enjoyable things to see is the CAM kids showing off the results of their scholarship. Splitting the group into two “bands” gave everyone a chance to shine before blowing the roof off with their rendition of Judas Priest’s Breakin’ the Law 

Haywire started the final portion of the night with a highly entertaining set giving fans every thing they had. Lead singer Paul MacAusland introduced himself  as he took the mic away from Emcee Terry Evans. The east coast boys may not look like they did in the 80’s but the sound is better than ever is proof these are still Bad Bad Boys  

The final set was an unique set up. The three headliners shared a backing band giving support to Tommy Tutone and Greg Kihn while they played their biggest hits. The transition between performances was seamless.  Rick Springfield took the stage as red petals were scattered to the wind in his signature guitar strumming with a bouquet roses.  

 Looking forward to number 10 next year!

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