Foreigner Comes to Calgary

Grey Eagle Resort and Casino
February 27, 2019

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By Maggie Bolcsfoldy

The Foreigner concert gave me an experience that exceeded my expectations.   From the moment they stepped on stage, there was non-stop amazing energy, excitement and synergy.  By the fifth song, the whole crowd was on their feet. Everyone squished together at the front of the stage to enjoy the  interactions from the band.  It was an extra special experience for Foreigner fans when Kelly Hansen extended his mic out into the crowd so the fans could join in on singing or when Jeff Pilson played his bass over top of fans' heads and grabbed their hands to play some notes.  The energy coming off of the band fed the crowd.

The William Aberhart High School Choir made a special appearance as Foreigner closed the show with the song "I Want To Know What Love Is".  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for these high school kids, and they rocked it and had a blast doing so.  One of the choir members came off the riser near the end of the song and strummed on Jeff Pilson's bass.  I don’t believe it was planned because her choir members looked surprised and were chatty with excitement about what she had just done.  The entire choir left the stage with huge smiles on their faces.

This was one of the greatest rock shows I have ever attended.

I also had a chance to interview Jeff Pilson before the show. Check out the Interviews page to keep informed on when that will be ready. 


Photos by Maggie Bolcsfoldy

Photos by Pauline Paquet

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