Paul Forges

Editor, Photographer/ Videographer of anything live, on a stage and with horrible lighting (
Online one on one training for low light photography (

Janice Stobie-Rushton

Edmonton Freelance with interests in Classic Rock, can be found in dark smokey clubs with loud music .

Rich Moreland

Freelance in Edmonton with interests in Rock, Metal and loves to capture screaming teeth and flying hair onstage

Kassey Shier

Freelance in Calgary and Lethbridge specializing in everything Country. Professional Wedding Photographer

Jaime Vedras

Freelance in Calgary and Lethbridge. Full time photographer based in Southern Alberta, specializing in portraiture, commercial photography and industrial photography.

Faye Forges

Editor's Boss, Grammar Nazi, Website Guru, Audiophile and owner of Coffee Geeks ( @coffeegeeks facebook )

Charles Penner

Edmonton Freelance with interests in Rap, Blues, Jazz, and Rock. Professional Freelance Sports Photographer specializing in Combat Sports MMA / Boxing / Muay Thai

Pauline Paquet

Freelance in Calgary with interests in Rock, Pop, Blues and Jazz. Professional Freelance Cage Sport Photographer. Owner of French Bulldogs and More Dog Breeding.

Bruce Benson

Freelance photographer in Edmonton specializing in Rock and Metal. Able to pull out a photo from complete darkness onstage. Lover of outdoor sports Owner of One More Round Photography

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