Alan Doyle at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium February 29, 2020

It was a large scale down home kitchen party at the Jubilee on Saturday night. Judging by the number of people laughing, dancing and singing along to their favourite songs, I would say everyone was an honorary Newfie for the night. After tourism Newfoundland politely asked him to stop referring to his home as the place where the Titanic sank, Alan Doyle now says he’s from the province equivalent to Hawaii, an island being late to the party. Every Alan Doyle show is a foot stomping trip down home.


Opening the show was Ottawa country queen Kelly Prescott accompanied by the renowned guitar player Mitch Jay. She introduced the crowd to her latest album, Love Wins that dropped on February 21st. Using humour throughout her set, the crowd gasped and chuckled at lyrics like “ you can tie me up, just don’t tie me down” and “ dirty looks at Safeway” . She is a great fit with this tour.


Sitting in the #2 spot, His new album Rough Side Out that was released on February 14 giving a shout out to Justin Bieber holding onto the #1 , Alan introduces several new songs, including opening his set was the lively tie tapping tune We’re Gonna Love Tonight.

Alan is well known for his masterful ability to tell stories about his heritage and the history of Newfoundland and Labrador, often referencing things he comes across in his travels. One visit to Fogo Islands he found a sealing staff carved with the names of four men lost on a hunting trip on the ice. Their tragic story inspired the song Laying Down to Perish, its haunting lyrics making it feel like you are lost in the fog knowing no rescue was possible, so you carve your names into the wood knowing it would find its way to the shore. Every song takes you somewhere, even if it’s to the local pub at closing time like We Don’t Want to Go Home. We have all been there and the humour touches everyone. Recalling his university days, his BA professor lamented his lack of effort saying he could do so much better, his response was I know, but the boys at the Rose are getting thirsty! He paid homage to his roots with songs like Jack Links from his days with Great Big Sea and hit When I’m Up which hD everyone up on their feet. A fitting end to an incredible show was the new tune I Gotta Go but I really hope he chooses to dock at Port Edmonton again sometime soon.

Kelly Prescott

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