City and Colour made a stop in Edmonton on their “A Pill for Loneliness” tour on November 13, 2019. Dallas Green and company took the stage at Rogers Place for a two-hour set with full production, and the fans turned out in droves. If you showed up expecting the same music as his previous endeavor Alexisonfire, you were in for a shock. A total 180-degree turn on the brash, loud, adrenaline fueled tunes that drove Alexisonfire to success, this was a far more intimate, soul-baring experience. Numbers played with a full band, some played solo witth an acoustic guitar, the setlist spanned all 6 of City and Colour’s albums. While not previously a fan of their music, after their first three songs, i took my seat to sit and enjoy the rest of the show. What I witnessed was strange to me, yet interesting.
“This is a song about a shitty situation” Dallas quips before starting “Little Hell”; the audience laughs. A few minuets later – “…and this is another song about the exact same thing” before heading in to “Northern Wind” A very melancholy crowd, far from the raging, roaring crowds of the typical hard rock and metal acts I see; they were singing along, clapping their hands, and taking in every note of Dallas’ silky smooth voice. There were some really great set changes, with lighting trusses dropping or rotating, changing the scene of the stage every few songs. All in all, it was a really neat experience, one i would gladly attend again.

Pauline Paquet in Calgary Alberta

Rich Moreland

Rich Moreland

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