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Do you remember where you were the first time you heard New Girl Now? Standing in the audience of the sold out Honeymoon Suite show Friday night, I heard many people sharing their stories about their favourite songs they hoped the band would play. As the opening riff of Say You Don’t Know Me, the room went nuts and had the dance floor packed. Johnnie D and Derry Grehan know how to get everyone into the songs, often straddling the barriers or standing on the speakers to get as close as possible to the fans. Gary Lalonde is often smiling as he brings the harmonies on bass and drummer Dave Betts keeps everything in line. Peter Nunn’s keyboarding gives their music their distinctive sound. In its Edmonton debut, they introduced their new track Tell Me What You Want and was enthusiastically well received. Honeymoon Suite is a band that is incredible to hear live and the energy between the band members is contagious. Judging by the way the fans screamed and sang along, I know it was a fantastic show. Thank you to the Century Casino for another great night.

Janice Rushton

Janice Rushton

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